We offer complete fabrication of kitchen counter tops, islands, and vanities. Select the perfect stone or other material for your project.


Cutouts are typically used for sinks. There are several different kinds you can select from, to meet your needs. Under mount sink cutouts, are the best looking option as the sink is not visible on the top of the stone. Drop in sink cutouts are also available.



Drainboards are used for sinks, they are carvings in the counter that allow water to drain in the sink. An under mount sink is required for this.



There is a wide variety of edge details to choose from. Picking the perfect one for your project is a breeze with our experienced sales staff. With lamination, you can combine several edge types to create a unique look. You can even design your own edge type and we can set your dreams in stone!



Lamination is the process we use to glue piece of material together. It is also used for making custom edges.


White Quartz Countertop with Island
Multi-Colored Granite Island
Grey Granite Counter with Matching Island
Black Soapstone Counter
Grey Marble Island
Quartz Coutertop